All Souls’ Stages 1 & 2

The All Souls’ planting extends from Snows Bridge behind the Anglican Church on whose land it is, around the bend in Byron Creek to meet up with the Bangalow Parklands. The project was made possible by Fr Matthew who shared our vision to re-vegetate the bank of Byron Creek with indigenous plants, remove weed species and improve water quality.

Stage 1 was planted with 850 trees in March 2014 with the support of Rous Water, Big Scrub Landcare group and a great team of volunteers. A 2m wide path was left through the middle to begin the southern side of the Byron Creek walking track. A big flood damaged this section a year later but the trees recovered, the canopy is closing and self regeneration is starting.

Stage 2 was planted in April 2016 with another team of volunteers, some coming along from the Stage 1 planting to see the planting complete. The planting was financed by a 20 Million Trees grant which paid for the 3500 plants and a project manager to prepare and maintain the site for the following 2 years. Rous Water supported the day and supplied a further 200 trees, Big Scrub landcare also supported this planting.

On the day 2500 were planted, mulched and watered by 60 people in 3 hours, the re-generation team planted the rest in the following week. 500 trees went across the creek to the Sikh temple planting as part of the landcare groups commitment to extend the planting on the eastern side of the creek we helped with in 2015.

The site has suffered several setbacks thrown at it by nature but the canopy is closing allowing planting of understory to take place on both stages 1 and 2 to complete the picture. Maintenence will be necessary until the the gaps close and the weeds are shaded out. The success of this planting is apparent in the return of wildlife, echidnas, platypus, water dragons, figbirds, wrens, scarlet honeyeaters, black ducks and wattlebirds are just a few that have been noted.

The 2 m wide path established in Stage 1 was continued through Stage 2 to complete the Byron Creek walking track, All Souls continues to support our work by mowing the pathway. The entrance can be found on the far side of the carpark behind Heritage House, by walking under Snow’s Bridge and crossing the creek (road bridge) the walk connects to the Sportsfields.

Thanks to all involved.