Herrmann’s Planting

Herrmann’s Stage 1

Started in November 1998.
The site is located on Michael Herrmann’s property, which is adjacent to the local Bangalow Pool on Byron Creek’s southern bank. This site has been our most successful project reaching canopy closure within 3 years, thanks to the two wet seasons that followed planting. The bank was extremely steep and eroded by constant cattle degradation. The first work here was with Bangalow school children and a group from Volunteers Abroad who under supervision from the landcare group planted the steep bank with lomandra. The bank is now thickly covered and stabilized with a mat of Lomandra and creek lillypillies.

Herrmann’s Stage 2

Extending on from Stage 1 in an easterly direction for approximately 0.5 km, this area was planted in 2005. The farmer fenced the area to keep the cattle out, the trees were initially supplied by the Big Scrub while Bangalow Landcare supplied the mulch. No grant was received for this site and over 3000 trees were initally planted by Greencorp workers.

This site was originally ripped which resulted in an ongoing battle with weeds. Weed seed coming downstream in flood events also presents the area with ongoing maintainence needs. This site has suffered many losses due to drought, flooding, frost and cattle invasion, our own nursery has donated many of the replacement trees. As of 2010 this site had achieved canopy closure and self re-generation.

The close proximity to Herrmann’s Scrub, a remnant rainforest, means we have a valuable seed bank on the doorstep. It is hoped to connect the two sites to create a wildlife corridor in the future.