Little Maori Creek

Tucked away behind the houses in the Cedardale Estate at Bangalow is a 200m stretch of about 500 trees and shrubs planted on the eastern side of Little Maori Creek by Bangalow Land and Rivercare and neighbourhood volunteers in September 2001. Today it provides a healthy native corridor alive with birds, lizards and small mammals while protecting the creek bank from erosion.

The land was donated by the neighbouring landholder. Byron Shire Council financed the trees, provided the mulch, water saving crystals and tree guards.The use of tree guards was necessary to prevent rabbit damage. The tree guards also proved useful against the regular frosts that occur along the creek and kept a moist microclimate around plants during our dry spring but a disaster when floods came and they washed into the creek.

Losses on this site even during some extreme weather conditions were low in number and weed infestation was not a problem due to minimal soil disturbence at the start and the good maintenance it received from the neighbours ie: mowing. Regular Saturday morning working bees continued until canopy closure.

This planting was extended to the north of the creek by the Green Army in 2017 with a further 500 trees. Maintenence continues due to the presence of Morning Glory vine ,a very nasty garden escape that threatens to dominate this area.

September 2019 saw the western bank opposite the entire eastern bank planting revegetated, a planting made possible by Bangalow Koalas group. The riparian zone is now planted on both banks and the weed species treated. The hillside above is also planted with a mix of rainforest and koala food trees.