Potter’s Maori Creek Junction

Located 2 kms west of Bangalow on the Lismore Road, this was one of the first projects undertaken by Bangalow Land & Rivercare. We received a grant from the Natural Heritage Trust for $7,500 in June 1999 to plant 3,500 trees on a 1 hectare site at the junction of Maori and Byron Creeks. The original vegetation cover was severely denuded except for about 3 native trees on a bend in the creek and the water quality of Maori Creek was poor.

The planting was achieved in 2 stages as it was such a large area, objectives included stabilizing the creek bank, fencing out cattle and shading the water to impede weed growth as there was a problem with smart-weed choking the creek. We encountered many problems along the way, two years of drought followed by severe frosts. Weed infestation was a major problem and spraying was carried out for two years until weed growth could be controlled with mowing and brush cutting. Inevitable replanting took place a few times, twice in some areas and planting only with very frost tolerant species. A greater diversity of species was planted after canopy closure was achieved.

Our Landcare group no longer works in this area as there comes a time when we have completed the job so it is handed back to the landowner to manage. We still watch over it from afar and feel a great sense of achievement to see the trees reaching maturity, the Creek health is better but the smart weed is still present due to the openness of the western bank. The area has since been under threat by the proposed southern bypass which thankfully was averted, now the pressure will come from any proposed development on it’s western side.