Bangalow Sportsfield

When Bangalow Land and Rivercare was established in 1998 an ambitious decision was made to restore to original vegetation 6 km of the banks of Byron Creek. This plan would require extensive riparian planting to improve the water quality, stabilise the banks and produce shade and shelter for the aquatic plants and wildlife.

A grant of $2000 from the Sydney 2000 Olympic Torch Relay Committee provided over 2500 trees. The area identified for planting was 5 m wide and followed the creek bank for 200 m. With the help of local sporting and community groups all of the trees were planted and mulched on one day and the idea of a riverwalk was born.

In 2008 the original planting was extended from the new highway near the Bangalow Bowling Club to Snow’s Bridge near All Souls’ Anglican Church a total of 1.3km long and from 10 to 25m wide. This work made possible by an Envirofund grant. Once again local community groups came along to help. It rained and we all ended up gloriously muddy.

In 2010 a 1.2km concrete path was laid, signage erected and later seating and sculptures were added giving access to the area for all of the community to enjoy. Our Patrons Program financed the start of labeling the trees in 2017 to further engage and interest the public.

Ongoing maintenance has been carried out by regular Bangalow Land and Rivercare working bees. Over the years there has been the aid of individuals and community groups such as Bangalow Scouts, the Indigenous regeneration team and Bangalow Public School. A profesional bush rengenerator is now employed to help manage recurring weed problems.

A small wetland is one of the aspects of this planting that filters water coming off the sport fields, the car park and Byron Street making sure contaminants do not reach the creek. The creek walk now continues around to the Bangalow Parklands by crossing Snow’s Bridge and accessing All Souls’ via the pathway under the bridge.